i haven’t been on tumblr in who knows how long..

but this week i’ve been starting to use it again.

this is most likely because it’s almost summer, and in the summers i do nothing, so i rely on tumblr for entertainment.

coming back to reblog and edit my blog makes me think “why did i even stop? this is so fun!”

and now i remember why..

don’t get me wrong-i love tumblr and the people i’ve met on this amazing site- but without tumblr..i felt so free. blogging used to be enjoyable but now it just feels like a chore. i’m also much happier and i think my social skills have increased. my grades have gotten better, and when i stopped using it i felt like a weight has been taken off my shoulders…like tumblr was the one thing that was holding me back…

maybe it’s just me but i feel as if tumblr makes things worse…

bottling up all your feelings in the real world and letting it out on the internet…

spending hours and hours scrolling and constantly seeing pictures of people you want to look like, relationships you wish you had, things you’ve always wanted to own, places you’ve never been…

is it really worth having a life on the internet with thousands of followers rather than going out and actually living with the people that matter the most?





if you read this, thanks, i just wanted to say it..no particular reason

i feel like when people change their url they’re changing their name too

cause i only know them from their url

so when they change it

it’s like i don’t know them anymore


  • things girls have to go through: pregnancy, periods, giving birth, waxing, push up bras, thongs, fangirling, orgasms, shaving, clumpy mascara, pantyhose, high heels, boobs, tampons, plucking eyebrows, boys that don't text back, being compared to other girls
  • things boys have to go through: having a penis
  • it’s kinda funny when people put up pictures of themselves on tumblr and make the caption “please don’t change the source!” like do you think you’re gonna get notes on that lol

    ryan can loch me in a room and tom can do my daley

  • plot twist: tumblr famous people actually did their promos
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